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Expert Assistance
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TJ Henderson is available for expert assistance creating your trust(s) or defending them in a court of law. Here is a brief list of the areas where TJ can assist you:

  • Create a personalized trust or charitable remainder unitrust
  • Create a trust for those who purchase Audio Workshops DVD
  • Review a trust created based on eBook and Audio Workshops DVD
  • Review a trust created by others and fix problems
  • Act as your Special Power of Appointment Trustee
  • Act as your Protector Trustee

To speak with TJ Henderson, please e-mail him and let him know when would be the best times to contact you, and he will call at his earliest convenience. E-mail Be sure to include in the body of your e-mail the nature of your inquiry. If your need is urgent, please contact Henderson Trust Group (641) 799-7786.

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What people are saying about TJ's book and classes
"I have just finished reviewing my trust and I have to tell you that it is probably the finest instrument I've ever seen in my life. I am very thrilled and excited about it." J.S. Las Vegas, NV
"Great class TJ! Just loved it. Looking good TJ!!! Way to go... Glad you are part of the OOM TEAM!"
"Dear T.J., Firstly, both my cousin and I want to thank you for all you are doing and for the time you have devoted to helping us 'newbies'."
"Thanks for taking time to speak with me last evening. I greatly appreciate your advice and look forward to working together. I feel more confident about my plan to move forward."
"Thanks T.J., We really appreciate you!" Art
"Good morning TJ, Thanks again for your time and advice."
"Thank you TJ for all your time and patience. I can't believe how much you've done. You are truly a God-Send."


Asset Protection Classes

Purchase Asset Protection 101 and you'll be invited to TJ's on-going classes (and archived recordings) on asset protection, trusts, and LLCs.

Here are four sample classes to listen to:

Classes 1-3: 530-881-1299 pin 892389#
( Ref. 1 for the first class, Ref. 2 for the second class and Ref. 3 for the third class.)

Class 4: (1/16/12) 530-881-1399 pin 146878#